Counseling Services

I moved to Oakland 5 years ago from the San Jose area to be a part of the diversity and social justice movements that are core values to many in the East Bay.


In my twenty years of working in the mental health field, I have always been fortunate to work with a wide range of clients. Encouraging exploration of how race, age, spiritual beliefs, sexuality and socio-economic status impacts our lives.  Always doing my best to practice cultural humility, and acknowledging the privileges I have in this world being a white female.  

I believe everyone has the right to love whomever they’re heart is attracted to and the experience of being judged for this, or for other differences, is deeply wounding to the individual and our world.




I am personable and relatable in my approach. Humor is as welcomed as tears, as I don’t presume that therapy is a magic wand that wipes away all heartache. But as you see me embrace both your pain and laughter in therapy, my hope is you will become more attuned and capable of feeling your full emotional spectrum as a gift, and not an overwhelming experience.